How we ship our plants to you FREE

This day and age, we can order anything we imagine online, from groceries, home furnishings, even a car!

At LATEBLOOM, we thought: Let's find a way to buy plants online too!

We've tried and tested to find the optimum way to deliver quality plants with free shipping. Here's how we do it:

First, it starts with healthy plants.

Distressed, unhealthy plants will never be able to survive the journey from our nurseries to your door. So we make sure our growers are producing the best quality plants out there.

We partner with a group of small farmers around California and Florida where the climate is optimal to grow healthy, strong plants. 
Then, we carefully package them for a safe journey.

Here's a quick overview on how we package our plants for shipment, so that you can get a sense of the care taken when we ship an item.

We’ve tested various methods of shipping live plants and we believe that we have perfected the formula.

We use a variety of packing materials that are proven to help your new plants make it to you safely. You would be surprised by what they have to go through on the way!

Using custom plant packaging, we rapidly ship plants nationwide. 

With the help of our team and distribution infrastructure, you can know that you will receive a healthy, thriving plant no matter the season.

We thank you for being one of our favorite customers and trusting us to deliver your new indoor plants.

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