Unboxing your new plant

Even just a few years ago, buying stuff online was rare, even unheard of in some areas. But as time goes on, more and more products and services are being offered online.

Americans are getting more and more comfortable buying a wide range of products and items online. Once Amazon only sold books, now they offer grocery delivery!

Now, you can even buy live houseplants online! Online plant nurseries like LATEBLOOM Plants offer on-trend indoor plants delivered nationwide with free shipping.

Here we will walk you through the basics of buying a live plant online, unboxing your new plant, and tips on how to help your new plants adapt to their new home.

Buying plants online

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Buying plants online can be daunting but the staff at LATEBLOOM Plants has done the groundwork for you. We've partnered with nurseries who grow plants under optimal conditions to ensure your new plant's root system is strong enough to withstand a cross-country journey. We've researched shipping methods and packaging to ensure your plant arrives safe and sound.

"Buying plants online can be daunting but LATEBLOOM Plants has done the groundwork for you"

Once you make the perfect plant selection for your growing conditions and light levels, we'll package your plant carefully and send it on it's way to you.

More details about how LATEBLOOM ships plants can be found on our HOW WE SHIP page.

Plant delivery day!

You can expect your plant to be delivered within 5-7 days. LATEBLOOM provides email updates when your order ships and when your order is delivered so you can get excited for the next part. Unboxing your plant!

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Unboxing your plant

The most important thing to remember when unboxing your live plant is that it is a living thing and has just had quite a journey from our live plant nursery to you. Think of the last time you went on vacation. We you exhausted just from the travel? Jet lagged from the journey? Now imagine you were traveling inside the darkness of a cardboard box. You would want to be eased out of your box gently and gradually, wouldn't you? That's what your plant needs too.

opening the box with your new plant inside

hello new plant friend!

Leave the plant in the box at first

Open the box your plant came in and peek inside (we know you're excited, that's okay). But leave the plant inside the box at first. Think of how you transfer new fish to your fishbowl, gradually bringing your fish's water to the same temperature. Your plant needs that with light as well so leave it in the box with the box open for a few hours.

Gently take the plant out of the box

Now it is time to let your plant be free and unconfined. Take it out of the box. After you introduce yourself, let it be in its new location. Don't water it, don't fertilize it, don't disturb it more than you have to. Just let it be.

Let your new plant get accustomed to its new surroundings

Think of your plant like a new pet you've brought home from the shelter. It takes weeks, maybe months for your new pet to get used to you and learn your schedule. Same goes for your new plant. It needs to get accustomed to the humidity and light in your home, as well as watering schedule. So it is very important to not do anything crazy or out of the ordinary. Get your plant on a regular watering schedule. Keyword: regular schedule.

Don't re-pot!

We recommend not repotting your new plant for at least 30 days, but ideally we would wait a year or so. If you want to "zhuzh it up" we recommend a cache pot or basket. (Watch for an upcoming blog post about cache pots!) LATEBLOOM offers several beautify baskets that you can just slip your nursery pots inside.

Don't panic!

Your plant just had the journey of its lifetime and some plants don't like to be moved across the room let alone across the country so some damage may occur. Some leaves may drop off, some may yellow or brown. Don't panic! This is normal and it may just take extra time for your new plant to adjust. Be patient.

Don't overwater

Novice plant owners panic and try and fix every plant problem by watering more, that's why the leading cause of houseplant failure is overwatering. So don't panic, take a deep breath, step away from the watering can and just be patient.

With these great tips from LATEBLOOM Plants, you are sure to have great success with any plant you buy online.

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Happy plant parenting!

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